Customer Comments

Customer Comments

I’d rather deal with your firm based on your response & willingness to work with me.

Andrew P
New York

Steve K – Tennessee

I’ve been installing tanks for other companies and a number of other suppliers since 1989. I’ve never seen a more complete, comprehensive and well-put together installation manual as the Darco Inc. manual I just read. Thank you.

Steve K

Your team is very good and also willing to talk to the engineer about this to make sure all the fire stuff is right.

Mark Mc

Mike T – Colorado

Rhonda, thanks for your flexibility and for putting your driver Ray on the job. That guy is great. Excellent communication all around. And, Sandee, thanks for your patience and guidance during this process. We would not have made it through the fire district approval without you. I look forward to working with you both on the next project!

Mike T

Bob B – Arizona

Thank you for your response. I was surprised to get it so quickly. Thanks again for your speedy response

Bob B.

This is perfect.  Thank you for all your help and work on this!

Tanner F

Hal G – Colorado

I appreciate your thorough and prompt response to my inquiry.

Hal G

Robert R – California

Thank you for your prompt, professional attention. It will be a pleasure to work with all of you.

Robert R

Your very quick response is extremely appreciated. Thank you.

Vin R

Thanks Sandee, all of your assistance and hard work on the project is appreciated. It’s been a long road, but we are getting there!

Kelly S

Chad C – Colorado

Thank you for your rapid turnaround and overall customer service on this project

Chad C

Rick T – Colorado

A big “Thank You” to the entire Darco staff. The tank installation was a big part of this project. We were all impressed with the way Darco kept pace and with the support that was given to our team.

Rick T

Thanks for the quick turnaround today!

Jonathan W

Thank Sandra.  The info provided is great.

Jay O

Thanks for the quick turnaround.  I will be in touch!

Bobby F

Nick T – Washington

Thank you for all the information this is very helpful

Nick T

Thank you Sandra.  This is exactly what I need for budgeting purposes and will keep you posted as the project moves forward.

Jason K

James G – California

I appreciate all of the extra time and effort you put in to this particular project.

James G

Preston D – Idaho


Your driver Louie called to coordinate and was on site at the stated time. Louie was courteous and helpful. After we had completed the work, as I like to learn about people, I enjoyed the few minutes we had to talk about his and his family’s service to our country – interesting – I am also retired from the military – some common ground. Thank you for your assistance in this matter – Give Louie our thanks – Job well done.

Preston D

Martha Q – Connecticut

Thanks for the info (I also received your voicemail), and for your very prompt response!

Martha Q

Thank you very much.  This is just the information I needed.

Tim N

Thank you for all the information and the budget price.  This is extremely helpful and exactly what we’re looking for at this point in time.

Bryan S

Thanks for the quote, we needed this so we can sell the idea to our client for their estate. This was a big help and I appreciate you getting back to me.


Doug G – Colorado

Thank you for the quick turnaround on this quote & information.

Doug G

Dear Sandee,

I have enjoyed working with you as well, you are a “shining star” in your industry, it was a pleasure.  I look forward to an opportunity to work together in the future.

Louis G.

Andrew W – Colorado

Thanks Sandee for all your work. You know, I run into many different people working in the life safety industry, but you truly have been a pleasure to work with and have made the process flow. I wish everyone was as easy and willing to work with as you.

Andrew W

Sammy C – California

I really appreciate your help! Thank you so much. I realize I didn’t have a lot of information, but you were extremely helpful.

Sammy C

Dave C – North Dakota

Sandee, Your help and kindness are priceless.

Dave C
North Dakota

Just a heads up that I have given your contact information to colleague.  He is working on a two tank project in the area and I recommended you highly.

Again, thank you for all your help through this project

David K
New Mexico

Mark B – Colorado

The staff at Darco is the most knowledgeable in tank design that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. All questions were answered promptly and to utmost completeness. Always professional and a pleasure to speak with. The delivery of the tanks was always, in each case ahead of schedule and the delivery drivers were very professional. Fantastic drivers. Each of our 6 installations went without incident and smooth as could possibly be done. The installation manual covered every aspect and scenario that could ever be thought of. All in all, Darco Incorporated and their staff and associates are great to work with, and in fact we have recommended Darco to other clients for their tank needs.

Mark B

Jeffrey H – Colorado

Awesome information. Thanks again!

Jeffrey H

Thanks again for the time this morning. IT was actually very informative and helpful!!

Joshua T

Joe B – Colorado

Thanks to all for the hard work and effort.

Joe B

Donna C – Colorado

Thank you so much for your timeliness throughout this submittal process. I can always tell, early on, what my experience will be like in working with a supplier based on their quick and detailed response. I am looking forward to working with Darco Inc. on this project.

Donna C

Jerry M – Colorado

You’re a gem, Sandee!

Jerry M.

Bobby G – Louisiana

Thanks for your quick response and the materials. We are now much more informed.

Bobby G

Hi Sandra,

Thanks again for the great experience we had with the whole cistern project.  You and your team were extremely helpful and kind.

Cheryl H