About Darco

About Darco

Underground Water Tank Manufacturer

Darco Underground Water Tank Manufacturing Plant
Plant in Bennett, CO

Water tank design and fabrication has been our core business since 1985.  We provide manufacturing services at 5 locations across the country.  Darco currently offers the largest direct bury fiberglass water storage tank made in the United States at 80,000 gallons.

Fiberglass tank plant in Karnes City, TXPlant in Austin, TX

We specialize in tanks specifically designed for fire service meeting NFPA standards for both rural fire cisterns and commercial fire sprinklers reservoirs.   Multiple tanks can be manifolded together to increase total water storage or to create a more desirable “footprint” if space is limited or the terrain is restrictive for a single large vessel.

Pops about Darco
Two 75,000 gallon tanks manifolded together

Darco offers insulated underground tanks for large hot water solar systems as well as chilled water storage tanks for temperature conditioning commercial buildings.

Insulated Solar Thermal Storage Tank