US Green Building Council LEED® Credits

US Green Building Council LEED® Credits

As local, regional and state governments and planning authorities adopt regulatory and policy positions that encourage, incentivize, and require more sustainable and efficient structures, on-site water management is becoming an increasingly attractive and cost-effective means to achieve these goals.

The US Green Building Council’s LEED® certification is the industry standard for recognizing the adherence to a strict code and ethos of putting efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of the design process. Through LEED® certification, projects can access rebate and incentive programs, attract high profile partners and tenants, and gain visibility and notoriety in the community.

DARCO Underground Fiberglass tanks can help your project meet many of the metrics established by LEED® for water management, Building Design and Construction, and Operations and Maintenance.  DARCO tanks can store waste water, gray water, storm water, and even potable drinking water. DARCO systems can also be fitted with upstream filtering components such that gray water collected can be reused for landscaping, fire suppression, and other secondary use applications.

Our direct bury underground fiberglass tanks also offer opportunities for Thermal Storage (TS) projects in which significant volumes of cold and/or warm water can be stored to provide load shifting and on-peak support to climate control systems. Thermal Energy systems are ideal for taking advantage of off-peak utility rates due to Time of Use (TOU) rate structures that are being rapidly adopted across the country.

Fiberglass tanks do not rust, corrode, or degrade, making them a natural choice for projects designed to function effectively and efficiently for years to come. Coupled with the cost effectiveness and time savings of fully constructed, performance tested tanks delivered on-site, DARCO Underground fiberglass tanks are a natural application for LEED® certified projects.

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USGBC LEED® rating strands referenced in this post.

LEED® v4.1 – Building Design and Construction (BD+C)

LEED® v4.1 – Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M)