Potable Underground Water Storage Tanks

Potable Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground Potable Water Storage Tanks

POTABLE WATER is suitable for human consumption or use in the preparation of food. Darco manufactures N.S.F. compliant fiberglass underground water tanks for potable water service.  Such cisterns can serve individual homes, clustered homes, or an entire subdivision based on the storage capacity requirements.  As a rule, untreated potable well water holding tanks should be sized to store no more than a 30-day water supply to maintain freshness.

The Residential Storage System illustration depicts 10,000 gallons of domestic water storage and a submersible variable frequency drive relay pump which delivers water to the clustered houses.  The pump is submerged inside the potable water storage tank itself.  The alternative to a pressure regulated variable frequency drive pump is a hydro-pneumatic (air over water) pressure tank system.  Water storage tanks are commonly used when well production is low and immediate demand may exceed the water available from a domestic well.

Commercial / Industrial applications often require higher pressure and flow than a tank mounted submersible residential pump can deliver. In such cases, a fiberglass wet well is installed adjacent to the storage tank and is fitted with a higher horsepower relay pump, as illustrated.

The High-Volume Community System illustrates several large fiberglass storage tanks manifolded together to feed a wet well located under the pump house.  Well water can be filtered and treated on the way to storage, and then delivered into the community service piping.  Large drinking water storage tank systems allow chlorination contact and may also provide a low-cost fire protection water supply.  Fire trucks can draft directly from a suction hydrant located on a street near the tank system as illustrated.

Darco underground fiberglass tanks provide a potable water supply that is out of sight, cool, secure, and ice free.  There is no ugly above ground high profile structure to detract from nearby real estate value, block the view, or attract vandalism.