Darco Incorporated
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DURATION: Darco warrants that its tankage products will not leak, corrode, or structurally fail due to inappropriate design, improper use of materials, defects in materials, or poor manufacturing workmanship, for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery to the jobsite.
RESTRICTIONS: The following structural and corrosion warranty applies only to new fiberglass underground water storage tanks and appurtenances manufactured by Darco Incorporated as sold to the original owner. The application and installation must follow our published installation manual as supplied with every system.
EXCLUSIONS: The following is a nonexclusive list of typical claims that will be barred or disallowed by this limited warranty (problems from or damage related to): improper installation, abuse, vandalism, destructive acts of nature, storage of unapproved materials, ice in tank or piping, settling or other tank movement, tank buoyancy, use in unapproved applications or locations, internal vacuum or pressure conditions, or unapproved structural tank modifications.
RESPONSIBILITIES: The warrantor’s total financial liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the products sold f.o.b. point of factory delivery. It will be the option of the warrantor to repair, replace, allow credit, or refund the original purchase price in remedy of any claim. Said product shall not be considered defective if it substantially fulfills all performance requirements. Reasonable time must be allowed for the warrantor to review any claim and make remedies. Repairs may only be made by an authorized representative of the warrantor. Anticipated expenses during the investigation of any warranty claim are due in advance and shall be the responsibility of the owner until such time as the cause of the claim is identified and the responsible party determined.  Darco will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, water lost, property damage, or injury caused by any defect in any product or accessory sold. Darco shall have no responsibility for tank removal or re-installation costs related to the replacement of warranted vessels. Nor shall the warrantor be liable for unspecified or additional materials, labor, or transportation involved in the resolution of any claim. The foregoing warranty constitutes Darco’s exclusive obligation and Darco makes no other warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with respect to it’s products or any related service, advice, or consultation furnished to any purchaser by Darco or it’s distributors and dealers.
VERIFICATION: Each Darco customer will receive a Certificate of Warranty once all mandatory jobsite installation photos have been reviewed and the warranty validated.  In the unlikely event that a warranty claim is presented, the claimant must provide personal identification and the information below.
Installation Location / State & City__________________________________
Project Name_________________________________________________________
Tank Type________________________________ Total Gallons_____________
Tank Sizes_________________________________________________________
Installing Contractor_____________________________________________________
Owner of Record or Warranty Holder_______________________________________
Effective Date (shipped by Darco or Distributor)__________________________
Certified by________________________________________ Date___________________
Vessel Serial Numbers_____________________________________________________
Rev 1/28/2015