FRP Tank Accessories

Fiberglass Underground Water Tanks

Fiberglass Underground Water Tank Accessories

[1] Fiberglass manway extensions for 3 foot standard bury depth

  • Standard inside diameters are:  24″ and 30″
  • Stainless steel hardware and gaskets included
  • Specify bury depth if other than 36 inches
  • Slip-In poly plug covers available for manhole or grade box applications

[2] 4 inch I.D. cam-lock inspection hatch for bolted FRP covers

  • Cast aluminum with brass closure arms for padlock
  • Includes NPT female fitting on manway cover
  • Used to visually check level without removing cover bolts
  • May be used for refilling at 50 PSI maximum pressure
  • May be extended vertically with a 4-inch pipe
[3] 30 inch I.D. fiberglass manway with easy access hinged cover
  • Available only on 24″ and 30″ ID sizes
  • Hinged overlapping “shoe box” style cover conforms to AWWA potable standards
  • Includes stainless hardware and manway gasket
  • Hinged cover flanges have holes for a padlock (by others)
  • Specify bury depth if other than 36 inches
  • Less secure than bolted design against forced entry by vandals
[4] 48 inch I.D. weather tight manway enclosure vault for 36 inch bury depth
  • Overlapping domed dust cover with 2 stainless handles
  • Chain set and lock are not included (by others if additional security is needed)
  • 20 inch ID internal manway recommended for space
  • Manway may be centered or offset inside enclosure to make room for tank fittings
  • Some field assembly required
  • Specify bury depth if other than 36 inches
[5] 24 and 30 inch O.D. ring collar for low cost plastic culvert manway riser pipe
  • Plastic corrugated culvert pipe riser not included (by others)
  • Cover at grade not included
  • Commonly used on septic tanks and rain collection tanks
  • Fiberglass pipe risers and plug covers are available if requested
  • Caulk at joint between tank and riser for groundwater tightness
  • Use locking grade box #7 for security
  • Field assembly required
[6] Fiberglass tank ladders with mounting brackets installed
  • Standard OSHA designs
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Shipped loose and must be field assembled inside tank
  • Specify NSF potable water use when appropriate
[8] 20″ x 30″ polyethylene manway extension for 36 inch standard bury depth below grade
  • Gray color, UV resistant
  • Overlapping hinged cover with dust seal and padlock hasp
  • Easy access with ample knee and shoulder room
  • Tank entry opening 20″ ID
  • Upper portion inside diameter 30 inches at hinged cover
  • Includes internal safety cover at tank entry point
[9] Aluminum H-20 Ring and Cover
  • Manhole assembly for concrete slabs over tanks
  • Available in 30″, 33.5″, and 38″ clear openings
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Drop down handle for easy lifting
  • Rotary lock mechanism in cover
  • Freight additional by common carrier
[16] 6 inch NST- Male dry fire hydrant for suction water supplies
  • Aluminum NFPA construction with metal cap and chain lanyard
  • Removable strainer plate
  • 45, 90, or straight PVC fitting choice below head
  • NFPA anti-vortex plate and 6 inch internal draw pipe-factory installed
  • Also includes 6 inch female NPT tank fitting, PVC adapter, and PVC elbow
  • PVC riser pipe by others
  • Female swivel and Storz hydrant heads also available
  • Some field assembly required
[17] Siamese refill 2.5″ X 2.5″ NST with clappered female swivels
  • Brass NFPA construction
  • Includes top and bottom adapters for PVC riser pipe
  • Includes 4″ NPT tank fitting
  • Refill pressure 50 PSI max.
  • PVC riser pipe by others
  • Some field assembly required
[18] 4 inch through 12 inch flanged fittings with gussets
  • May be installed anywhere on tank heads or shell
  • Standard ANSI 150# flat flange face and bolt pattern
  • Gasket and bolts by others
  • Available in standard pipe sizes through 12 inch
  • Tangential shell placement at additional cost
  • Consider using flexible pipeline couplings at all tank fittings
[19] Anti-vortex blades in bottom suction fittings
  • Used on any outlet line feeding a pump or fire hydrant
  • Decreases water swirl to improve flow rate when tank nears empty
  • Available on flanged or threaded fittings of all sizes
  • Not NFPA approved as an anti-vortex device
[20] NPT tapered fiberglass female pipe thread full and half couplings
  • May be installed anywhere on tank heads or shell
  • Available in standard pipe sizes through 8 inch
  • Use full couplings when threads are required both inside and outside the tank
[21] 4 inch through 16 inch PVC stub pipe bonded through tank head or shell
  • May be installed anywhere on tank heads or shell
  • Tangential placement at additional cost
  • Connection point for piping both inside or outside tank
  • Consider using flexible pipeline couplings at all tank fittings
  • Suitable for connection with a rubber ring mechanical joint (MJ) or compression fitting
[22] Flat faced single hump rubber flex member for flanged fiberglass fitting applications
  • Mates up with standard 150# ANSI flange and bolt pattern
  • Includes one gasket & stud kit for tank side of coupling only
  • Includes poly protective wrap
  • Rated at 75 PSI working pressure
  • Available in standard pipe flange sizes through 12 inch
  • Not NSF listed but suitable for potable water applications
[28] Pump mounting platform bonded to tank floor
  • 24″ x 24″ flat fiberglass surface
  • Raised 6″ above floor for bolt access below platform
  • Rated for 250 pound maximum pump weight
  • Field drill to mount equipment or pump guide rail
  • Shield tank wall when drilling downward through platform
[34] Fiberglass “half round” deadman forms for on-site pouring
  • 12 feet long / may be sawed down for shorter applications
  • Ships along side tank on trailer
  • Reuseable if oiled before pouring concrete
  • Follow Darco deadman size and rebar location details in manual
  • Must be fully supported with compacted soil before pouring
  • Use split cardboard caisson tubes when deadmen must be poured before tank delivery
  • Caisson tubes are available locally at most lumber yards
[35] Anchor strap and cable kits
  • Each kit contains 1 fiberglass strap with forged steel eyes or hooks at both ends
  • Includes 2 Darco ratcheting strap tensioning tools (per tank)
  • Includes 2 galvanized ½” steel connection cables and 6 clamps per strap assembly
  • No turnbuckles are required
  • Stainless cable and fabric straps are available upon request
[36] Bonded 24″ dia. bottom sump
  • One piece – molded into tank
  • 24″ in diameter x 12″ deep
  • Suitable to locate submersible pumps weighing up to 150 pounds
  • Allows complete tank volume discharge through suction pipe or pump
  • Can incorporate an anti-vortex plate for NFPA suction hydrant compliance when required
[37] Bolt-on 24″ diameter bottom sump
  • Allows complete tank volume water usage
  • Often used for submersible or vertical turbine pumps
  • Bolted design with 32″ total depth below bottom of tank
  • 24″ inside diameter with tapered lower section


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